Monday, April 23, 2007


I sincerely apologize for my absence!! Without much computer access while on vacation, I was terribly MIA. As my vacation progressed and my blogging became neglected, at one point I simply had to let go of the idea of sitting at a computer and instead smell the flowers and relax. So I did! Upon my return, my beloved cat was quite ill and although better now, he is still not quite right. My ability to think, create and sniff, therefore, is somewhat tempered by concern and nervousness. The good news is I've tried some wonderful scents, including Satellite Ipanema, Creed Virgin Island Water and a new favorite Detaille Sofia!! I plan to review one of the three tomorrow. Have a great evening and thank you for your patience!

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lindabd said...

Hi, T! Glad you're back, but very sorry to hear your sweet cat is not well. I totally understand how that colors everything else. I hope you find a fragrance that's comforting to wear. :)

Take care,

TMH256 said...

Hi Linda!

Thank you so much for your kind words. He is on the mend but we'll take him to a specialist tomorrow. The struggle today has been trying to get him to eat. So far, I'm enjoying Satellite Ipanema. Although it's fleeting, it is nice. What did you wear today?


Victoria said...

Hugs to you, sending healing prayers for your kitty.

TMH256 said...

Thank you V. He's much better now and will hopefully continue to get better. ;-)