Sunday, June 07, 2009

Dear Readers

Hello Dear Readers,

The bad news: My daughter is now 5 and 1/2 months old and I am slowly, very slowly, adjusting to my new life with a baby. She takes top priority. And my old self has expired. I am no longer able to be the woman I was pre-Mommyhood! My outlook on life and priorities in life have changed drastically. With that said, I sincerely apologize for not being able to post as often as I, and mabye you, would like. My goal is to post once per week but I have not been able to keep up with even that in the last few months.

The good news: My love of fragrance and perfume remains intact! I hope that I can deliver on my once/week promise in the coming weeks. As always, thank you for your patience and loyalty. God bless you and yours.



Anonymous said...

Just so you know, you are more of a woman now, post baby, than you ever were!! Priorities change, as they should! Enjoy your life!!


anita said...

Hi, T, how nice to see you! My summer goal is to spend less time online, so sorry I missed you yesterday.

I know exactly how you feel in that your old self has been replaced. Such are the phases of life! Take your time & blog when you feel like it; subscribers will know when a new post is up.

My newest fragrance love is Parfums de Nicolai Le Temps d'Une Fete, a lovely green floral w/a woodsy base. My dear husband bought me a bottle as part of our 25th wedding anniversary a few weeks ago.

Enjoy your summer and your family. :)

ForTheLoveOfPerfume said...


Thank you so much for the sweet reminder. :-)

ForTheLoveOfPerfume said...
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ForTheLoveOfPerfume said...

Hi Anita! Nice to see you as well! Congratulations on your 25th wedding anniversary!! What a milestone!! The PdN scent sounds gorgeous. Have a wonderful summer as well. :-)

violetnoir said...

T, don't even worry about it. I do miss reading your posts, but your new role as a mom is the priority. Take your time, and don't feel that you have to post on a regular basis.

Priorities change as life changes, and all of us understand that. In fact, many of us have happily been in your life situation, so we get it! :) I found that taking care of my kids when they were little was the most time consuming, physically demanding job I had ever endured...but I loved enduring every minute of it!


chayaruchama said...

As it SHOULD be, darling one.

Only Philistines fail to comprehend ;)

Juicygoosey said...
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Divina said...

My loveliest darling friend Tamara, all I know is that you should never feel guilty for enjoying every moment with your daughter. It will come naturally again when you are ready to express your love for perfume through writing, I know it. I always miss you but we will all be here when you are back :) I am feeling kind of conscious leaving such a comment on a public domain but I really wanted to send you my love.

Find Fragrances said...

I think everybody understands a shift in priorities. Congrats on the good reviews and just make them when you can. :)

Acaislim said...

As it SHOULD be, darling one.

Only Philistines fail to comprehend.

Nasir said...

thanks for sharing information...Blog is wonderfull with alot of good information :)

Delaney said...

Congratulations on your new child! I Cant wait to read more of your articles about perfume! Scents happens to be my favorite hobby!