Friday, July 06, 2007

Writer's Block

I have thoroughly enjoyed writing about our travels and now that I have exhausted most of the highlights, a perfume review just isn't flowing for me. Somehow it pales in comparison!! Bear with me as I search for creative juices. I have lots of wonderful scents to write about ... just can't find the words. In lieu of that, what are you wearing today?


Anonymous said...

It is hot and humid here in New Brunswick, and I needed a simple and clean scent for today. I'm wearing Nuits d'Hadrien body cream, and Eau d'Hadrien perfume.

Thanks so much for sharing your vacation with us! For me, this year, a holiday away is just not in the cards. I'm living vicariously through your beautiful imagery.

Have a good weekend,



Kayliana said...

Your posts on Italy were indeed beautiful. Made me want to go there even more. I'm waiting to hear moe about the perfumes you procured while there! It's rainy and wet here in Florida so I'm exploiting the opportunity to spray my Musc Maori with abandom! Truly in my top 3!So damn good!

TMH256 said...

Carol, you smell divine!! I am glad that my random thoughts on Italy offered a diversion for you. You have a wonderful weekend also!

TMH256 said...

Thank you for writing Kayliana! Musc Maori is one I haven't tried yet. Enjoy the rain. We need it desperately! :-)

chayaruchama said...

Hello, Darling !
I've enjoyed reading about all your adventures with relish.
Sounds like you and the beloved had a bang-up time, and learned a great well as deepening your appreciation of each other.

Been busy here, and weary- but checking in.
I'm wearing TF's Velvet Gardenia, which you would adore for its truth, beauty, and spiciness.

Love to you, and yours.

TMH256 said...

Hello my long lost Jewish Mother!!

You are so right about our trip and it makes me happy to know you enjoyed reading.

I must try the new TF collection. Sounds irresistable!

Love right back at you.


Anonymous said...

I'm wearing Dzongkha, which is my big new love! So nice in the desert heat. Suzy

TMH256 said...

Hmmm ... really? A good fragrance for the heat is something that always eludes me. I should try it!