Saturday, April 07, 2007

Donna Karan Gold

In honor of spring and Easter weekend, today's fragrance is Donna Karan Gold EDP. This fragrance pays a tribute to the adoration of lilies, and it does so in an ever so delicate and refined fashion. The accord includes lilies, light jasmine and their green stems, like being surrounded by large bouquets of freshly bloomed lilies. As the fragrance dries it becomes more creamy and transparent, yet the scent of lilies remains fairly untainted throughout the duration of wear. Amber is listed as a note and although I do not detect it, I am certain it is responsible for the warmth and creaminess of the fragrance as well as its stamina. Unlike other floral fragrances, this one does not slap you in the face. Rather it softly embraces the wearer with subtle reminders of its presence. Those who like floral scents, my hope is that it remains as light and stunning on you as it does on my skin. I spray this one at the nape of my neck so my hair holds the scent throughout the day and it remains refreshingly beautiful, perfect for Easter. What will you wear on Easter Sunday?

Donna Karan Gold can be purchased at most department stores. I highly recommend the EDP formulation for optimum concentration, 1.7 fl oz. retails for $75 and 3.4 oz. retails for $95.

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IrisLA said...

Unfortunately, this one does slap me in the face. It is pungent on me. Oh well, more for you!

ForTheLoveOfPerfume said...

Hi Iris! Did you try the EDP? I have heard there is a huge difference between the EDP and EDT. Un Lys is my first choice for a lily fragrance, but this price point is *much* better so I'm glad it works for me when I can't get my hands on SL.